The Face of America

I haven’t said much about the presidential campaign this year. I know many are very disturbed by it in this country. The partisan splits and us-against-them encampments have left us with no common ground for compromise and problem solving. It is a sad state of affairs.

People in other nations of the world wonder what has gone wrong here. They don’t understand how we can have such a fractious campaign. They are justifiably concerned about the outcome.

You might not ‘like’ either presidential candidate. But, that is the choice we have in November. You should vote anyway.

Things to consider… Whose face do you want to represent America internationally? Does expression at a negotiating table matter? Are important treaties and agreements promoted by making faces at your opponent?

I think the impressions we give to others matters a lot. I want someone who acts like an adult respecting others, not an angry pissy 6th grader. I want someone with experience and poise who seeks solutions with the help from all parties involved.


I chose these faces from the video of the debate via NBC.


21 thoughts on “The Face of America

  1. I want someone who understands the issues, and has thought about how to deal with them. Ideally that person has both international and domestic experience. That person should be calm and articulate. I want that person to be respectful but not a pushover. I want that person’s primary interest to be US as Americans, and the global community, not their own political self-interest or their own wealth or status.

    *Ideally* I want a candidate from each party who meets this set of standards. However this year there is only one, and that is Hillary Clinton.

  2. I totally agree with you, Jim and Hillary. What puzzles me about this problem though, is how disconnected from reality are most young and middle-aged people seem to be. It is the opposite of being worldly. They have never been so interconnected, but also have never been without a supportive society. What a contrast it makes with, say, the 1950’s or even the 1940’s. I guess what I’m saying is that they have little idea how bad things could get if this election goes the wrong way. The SYSTEM has always taken care of them (thanks to Democrats, mainly) and they think it always will.

  3. Fully agree with you, Jim. It is worrisome that the US has come to the point that an overt bully that can’t seem to form coherent sentences in public, or behave in a civil way, and falls short of the reasonable expectations of someone in public office in so many other ways, is one of only two remaining candidates for the highest office in this country.

  4. Jim, the one thing I know about Americans is they don’t want outsiders commenting on how they do ‘business’. But since we are friends and every thing the United States does is felt in Canada, I’ll give you my two cents. I watched the debate. There was a real estate guy and a politician. CNN and other news agencies had fact checkers counting the lies, as if to say, the one who told the less lies was the winner. Contrary to FOX or CNN, or their own platforms, neither one has a plan. They do have a difference of approach. One smiles, one is grim. Does it make a difference? Barack Obama, unlike George Bush, at least, kept the body count down. Canadians and Americans are joined at the hip. A million people were killed in the middle east after the Twin Towers fell. Jim, those people died in our name and under our watch. That makes me feel sick. So who do you pick now, Liar #1 or Liar #2. It is discouraging. Take care. Bob

  5. Frankly, I’m embarrassed by both parties. All my friends have a liberal bent, I tend to be conservative…but agree with your point…Trump makes a lousy representative. 😦

  6. Jim, only Hillary has addressed global warming. IMOHO U.S. has to be careful not to fall behind with issues that other countries now have the lead in, for example, healthcare and global warming. I watched Sanjay Gupta’s program on his visit to Cuba. Cuba’s healthcare model is world-leading in its class, and is internationally recognized by the WHO as one of the most efficient (

    Costa Rica is also using a very interesting renewable energy model, but they have some issues. See here:

    Jim, I had a question for you. When North Korea tests nuclear heads, where exactly do they land? They may have some notion of where to launch them, since they’re obviously a test, but my question is whether this nuclear war head testing affects the environment in some manner, even though it’s not landing anywhere?

    • I agree with you very much about the need for the US to not fall behind in those issues. In fact, the US should be a leader in promoting new technologies. I am proud of our state of Iowa in the area of wind turbine use. We currently make over 30% of our electricity from wind instead of other sources.

      As to the nuclear tests by North Korea, they are done underground. The latest caused a seismic event of magnitude 5.3 and apparently no release of radiation. I think they are tested in a remote mountainous region of their north.

      • President Hilda Cathy Heine is the president of the Marshall Islands, and was interviewed on international TV. She affirms the Marshall Islands are disappearing because of global warming. As you may already know, the Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral reefs in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. These islands are literally “disappearing” because of global warming. Who knows if this could happen in Hawaii.

  7. Well done, Jim and Melanie. It shocks me to my core that so many people in our country are enthusiastic about having a narcissistic fear-mongering bully represent our country. Worse, many of the people I talk to refuse to vote at all!

  8. Well-said, Jim. I’m no fan of politics, but I have a hard time understanding why so many people are willing to vote for someone with so little regard for our country’s standing in the world, and want Mr. Trump as the face of the US. The presidency isn’t an entry-level position. The denial of science, especially climate is especially frightening. I’ve long been at a loss for words about that.

  9. I think the problem is not only in America. There is the same problem also in other countries. We don’t have good candidates. I don’t know why. bilere

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