Mars | Antares | Saturn | A Triangle

Fellow blogger and sky enthusiast, Scott Levine, pointed out the grouping of two planets and a star in the southern sky in recent nights. Our overcast conditions finally parted and gave us a beautiful view of the grouping the evening of 13 August 2016.

It was about 9 pm local time as we headed home from a gathering of about 30 friends. We have all been to Cuba in the past 3 years and were celebrating with some Cuban foods and drinks. We looked to the south and saw this view exactly as Scott described it. That is the roofline of our house at the bottom right.

Click to embiggen

Click to embiggen

Below is a screen shot of the same part of the sky taken from the software Stellarium. Each planet and some stars are labeled. Since Mars and Saturn are in orbits around the Sun, their positions in the sky change each night. Their arrangement with Antares looks different each night. Watch their progress.



15 thoughts on “Mars | Antares | Saturn | A Triangle

  1. Thank you for the pictures. I have been following Scott’s blog as well. Unfortunately in Connecticut, we have had hazy skies and thunderstorms because of a heat wave. The stargazing opportunities have not been very good so your images are appreciated.

    • We’ve had a stretch of hazy and cloudy weather. Not too hot though. We sent that your way after we were done with it.

      I’ve enjoyed Scott’s graphics with pen and paper. It works for me.

      • I actually like his pen and paper drawings. I asked Scott if I could forward a link to his blog to my astronomy club. many students are intimidated by technical writing and he has a positive voice and lots of excitement. We will see how it goes. Send some good weather my way, so I can stargaze!

      • That’s a good idea. They should enjoy his posts.

        I will see what I can do about the weather. I’ve been a trained spotter for years. I’ll try to get some strings pulled. I hope I don’t get the wrong ones. You know how that could turn out. Floods, storms, hail, all the nasty biblical stuff. 🙂 I will be careful.

  2. So that is possibly what I saw looking to the south at the coast past Saturday around 10:30 PM or so.

  3. Hi Jim. I’ve been in the city since the day after the Perseids, so I haven’t seen many stars or planets. Will keep my eye out for the conjunction tonight. Thanks for the heads up. Bob

  4. Hi Jim. Great photo, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately it has been cloudy these past few nights where I am, but I will keep a look out (:

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