Pluto | Close-Up Views of Surface Details

New Horizons spacecraft coasted past Pluto on July 14, 2015. Twenty three minutes before closest approach, the spacecraft scanned the surface in high resolution from the northwest to the southeast limbs of Pluto. It gathered about three dozen sharp images each about 50 miles wide (80 km). Mission scientists have arranged those images into the mosaic below stretching more than 1000 miles long.

© 2016 The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


The mosaic can be easily viewed with this movie. I suggest you watch full-screen more than once. Stop anytime and when new terrain appears highlighted by text at the left. It runs a bit too fast. You can slow down the speed by clicking the gear icon in the lower right after the movie starts.


You can also view the full high-resolution jpg image mosaic in higher quality than the movie by using this link. It is several megabytes so be patient if your connection is slow. It is worth it in my opinion.

Keep in mind the highest quality Hubble images of Pluto prior to this mission did not show much. This is a great age of discovery led by teams such as New Horizons.


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