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Our View From Iowa

For two weeks, squawking European Starlings were noisy at the back of our house. We heard them every time we sat on the deck. The Starlings were kind of annoying. There’s nothing pretty to our ears about their vocalizations. They were introduced to N. America in the 19th century by Shakespeare enthusiasts according to All About Birds.

Yesterday, I looked out our bedroom window which is near the deck and about 12 feet above the ground. I spotted the source of the Starling commotion. In a knot hole were three babies peering out patiently waiting for a parent to bring food.


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8 thoughts on “Baby Starlings | Feeding Frenzy | The Visitor

  1. Cute photo, Jim. Not one of my favorite birds, however! Although, we can hardly blame them for being imported. Luckily, we don’t get many in our yard. They prefer barnyards and urban/suburban sites, it seems.

  2. Ah ha! The starlings are busy birds with every movement accompanied by a call like the sound of rusty door hinge. That is a wonderful photo. Interesting to know about them being introduced to North America. They have done well. Take care. Bob

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