Mercury Transit | In Case You Missed It

It was 100% cloudy and rainy all day for me. I had to watch online. Here is the complete 7 hrs condensed into about 17 sec. You might need to go full-screen to see Mercury. It is so tiny.

I am so glad to have the online resources available. Go to this SDO site for other video of the transit. Next Mercury transit is 11 Nov 2019.


24 thoughts on “Mercury Transit | In Case You Missed It

  1. Fantastic video! This is the kind of event that should be taught in every school at every age. Teach it, and how it relates with math, history, writing, social studies and nature. Maybe the fish bite more during a transit. I would have been interested in that. Take care Jim! Bob

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  2. Knowing that Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit the sun, I was puzzled that its transit of the sun only occurs every 7 years. I found the answer: its orbital tilt of 7 degrees is enough to miss the line of sight between Earth and the sun, so we only see the transit when it happens to coincide with the line of sight. It may be close to the sun, but not that close.

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    • ESO as in European Southern Obs? That’s cool. I recall the previous transit. I set up a projection on the wall at school so we could see that tiny dot. Love this stuff!

      Thank you for your comment. Come again.

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      • No problem! yes that’s the one! The place in Garching-Munich 🙂 Wow, I wish I had an awesome teacher like that when I went to school, we just mostly copied stuff from textbooks booooo!

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  3. Another thing to point out to kids is how the innermost planet got its name. For the ancient Romans, Mercury was the speedy messenger of the gods. Of all the planets, Mercury is the quickest at making a circuit of the sun.

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