Astro-Images | Death | Cat’s Eye | Jellyfish

I enjoy creating color images from three grayscale images. The post linked here will explain how to create color astronomical images. The colors assigned are not necessarily what the human eye would see, but are used to bring out details. Visit the gallery of previous Astro-Images. Unless otherwise noted, all images are made by me using three original grayscales from the Hubble Legacy Archive.


NGC 6210

This is another example of a dying Sun-like star. Each one results in a unique shape and color. The star that made this nebula is in the center. The nebula is located 6500 light years away in the constellation Hercules in the northern skies.




NGC 6523

William Herschel discovered this nebula in 1786. It is known by the nickname Cat’s Eye. This view is a closeup at the core. Wider views are spectacular. It has been studied in radio and x-ray wavelengths extensively.





This image is not from the Hubble archive. It is a recent one I requested from the Iowa Robotic Observatory in SE Arizona. I am fortunate to have an account. I submitted a request for this in three wavelengths of red, green, and blue. The plan was to make a composite in color. The automated system on the telescope only returned one image for me to share. It shows a small part in grey of a much larger nebula called the Jellyfish. The IRO has a narrow field of view.


Here is a better image of the Jellyfish from NASA. If you rotate my image 180˚, it fits part of the Jellyfish in the upper right of this image.


14 thoughts on “Astro-Images | Death | Cat’s Eye | Jellyfish

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  1. The jellyfish is aptly named. It’s easy to see the “tentacles” hanging from it. I do believe the first is my favorite, though: partly because of the color, and partly because it reminds me of a favorite photo I brought home with me from Kansas. While the images are more different than similar, I think it’s the way each communicates great natural forces that appeals.

    • Yes, I can see the similarity.

      Many people enjoy fantasy worlds with amazing things that happen. I like to see the real things and the amazing things that go on there. Our world here is pretty mundane compared to them.

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