Solar Eclipse | 8 March 2016 | Images

The regions of Indonesia and Micronesia were blessed with mostly clear skies during the recent solar eclipse. The track of the umbra shadow shows a purple marker where the duration of total eclipse was the longest at just over 4 minutes. The island of Woleai was in the ideal location near that marker. The eclipse was in the morning of 9 March for them, but in the evening of 8 March east of the dateline.



This video, images courtesy of Japan Meteorological Agency with data courtesy JMA and NOAA, shows the progress of the shadow of the Moon seen from the Himawari-8 weather satellite. The colors are true. Cloud movements are also visible.

A team supported by NASA and the Exploratorium was sent to Woleai with several telescopes and solar measuring equipment. They broadcast live during the eclipse via NASA TV. All images in this post are screen captures from their broadcast.

Eclipse7.04.13 PM


Progress of the Moon across the face of the Sun was slow. The Moon moved from the lower right toward the upper left as it passed in front of the Sun. One small sunspot was visible on its face. This image captured the moment the Moon crept by and covered that sunspot.



What follows is a sequence of images with local U.S. central standard times captioned beneath them. Notice in most images the large solar prominence extending at the top. It is several times larger than the Earth. Two different filters were used on the two telescopes which gave images in very light gray and some in orange. Different details can be seen in each.

7.27.39 PM

7.27.39 PM

7.36.46 PM

7.36.46 PM

7.37.41 PM

7.37.41 PM

7.38.46 PM

7.38.46 PM

7.41.15 PM

7.41.15 PM | Diamond Ring

7.43.06 PM

7.43.06 PM


9 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse | 8 March 2016 | Images

  1. It’s always fun to see the reports from the path. I’d forgotten that there’s an eclipse coming next year. The good news about following your blog is that, when I forget again, you’ll remind me.

    I’ve been meaning to tell you a funny, true-life story from down here. I was talking with a woman some weeks ago who worked at a local furniture store back in the heyday of NASA. While everyone who worked in sales for the chain received training, the sales personnel at the NASA-area store had to go through a second, more intensive training program.

    It seems that being able to discuss color selections, size options, and fabrics wasn’t enough. She had to learn about wood grains, the tensile strength of springs, which metals had been used in fasteners, and so on. It seems many of the NASA employees could care less about color, but really, really wanted to know the technical details of their sofa. She laughed and said, “Who knew that the educational effects of NASA and its employees would reach into retail?”

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    • That’s a funny story. I’d be wanting to know the same things. 🙂

      Go back to the eclipse post. I added a video from the Japan Meteorological Agency showing the shadow in time lapse as it crossed the region. It is very cool.

      Yes. I will remind you. 🙂


  2. My wife grew up in the Visayas region of the Philippines that’s marked on your map. Then she taught high school science for 20 years on Mindanao, which is also marked on the map. Now she lives in Austin but I’ve been unable to find that on your map.

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