Solar Eclipse | 8 March 2016 | Live Views

A total solar eclipse occurs in Micronesia on Wednesday 9 March 2016 beginning just after sunrise their time. For the United States, it occurs during the evening of Tuesday March 8. The path of totality in the umbra shadow of the Moon will move rapidly toward the east in this diagram. Yellow lines are 10 minute markers. The point of greatest duration is marked with a purple pin. There, near the island of Woleai, totality lasts over 4 minutes.


These brief NASA animations illustrate the path of the umbra. The first is from the viewpoint of the Sun. The second follows the umbra more closely including the pass over the island of Woleai.


Viewing Opportunities

Three organizations below are offering online live views of the eclipse. Weather will possibly be a problem. The links to each are provided.


This link to the Exploratorium livecast includes an excellent video description of why they chose Woleai as their base. They will begin a live webcast at 7 pm central time, 5 pacific. Find out what time the webcast starts in your time zone with this handy lookup tool.


NASA will offer the Exploratorium livecast simultaneously if you prefer their url link. One hour earlier at 6 pm central, NASA plans to broadcast live views without commentary at their education url link.


Follow this link to a livestream with commentary. The show begins at 5 pm central time. Slooh also has a YouTube live feed.

Plan for Viewing

I plan to visit Slooh at 5 pm CST, the NASA education feed at 6 pm, and the Exploratorium at 7.

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