Diving Tony the Tiger™ | Cereal Box Prize

This is grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaat!

Our View From Iowa

DivingTonyIt was always a treat for a kid to find a toy in a box of cereal. This prize was offered in the 1980s by Kellogg’s in their Frosted Flakes cereal. At that time we lived in the western suburbs of Chicago. I was active in a physics teacher group that met monthly in order to share teaching ideas and demonstrations. There were two other groups for the northwest and the southwest suburban areas, as well as a group active in Chicago itself.

Once a year all of the groups met at a central college campus for an evening of sharing and give-aways. Melanie suggested that I should write to Kellogg’s and request some Diving Tony toys to give away to the teachers at the next meeting. That I did. Kellogg’s sent me a free boxful of perhaps 100 of the toy. Needless to say, Tony was a big hit with…

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2 thoughts on “Diving Tony the Tiger™ | Cereal Box Prize

  1. I wish Kellogg’s would consider bringing back Tony the Tiger diving toy again. Today’s children haven’t had much opportunity to “experience” opening a box of cereal to get a toy. This toy is a teacher of some sorts as you know. This toy was a big hit. I’ve seen other posts wishing Kellogg’s to bring it back.


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