Oh My Stars | Winner Chosen

Melanie and I are happy to announce the recipient of the Oh My Stars donation quilt. The story and monetary offer combined to make a compelling case that it should go to this person. She will be known as Grace in order to maintain her privacy. Here are details of the donation quilt offer in case you missed the earlier post.

Grace has been a volunteer with her local hospice center after they cared for her mother and father. She has assisted patients and their families as they transitioned through the hospice process. Grace knows first-hand the wonderful help they give to others in their hours of great need. She has chosen to donate her offering to Iowa City Hospice.

Melanie and I visited the office of Iowa City Hospice. We brought the quilt and Grace’s donation. We explained the circumstances of the quilt project that led to her donation. They were moved by Grace’s story and grateful for her donation.

Now Grace needs that same hospice care. She has been diagnosed with cancer which has metastasized. Previous surgery complications and resultant problems left her with difficult choices of what to do next during her remaining months. She has decided to forego more surgery and instead receive care from the nurses, doctors, and social workers of her local hospice.

Grace has been gathering together personal notes and gifts for various family members and friends. These will be given to family and friends upon her death. Grace and her sister are very close. She has been a welcome source of comfort and strength. Their bond is deep and complex. Grace wants something special to give to her sister. This quilt seems to be ideal as her remembrance.


Her sister is a seamstress and appreciates the work that is needed for hand made items like quilts. Her sister’s favorite color is orange, a color that stands out in this quilt. Plus, Grace and her sister have had long meaningful talks outside under the stars about many deeply personal things. The stars in the quilt are a reminder of those talks and what they have shared.

Grace’s son will act as executor of her Will. He will follow her instructions explaining the source of this quilt and how it came to be given to her sister. It will serve as a lasting memory of their love for each other.

Peace to you, Grace. Thank you for your moving and inspiring story.


12 thoughts on “Oh My Stars | Winner Chosen

  1. This touches my heart, too. Grace’s story parallels my Mom’s. Mom was Hospice Volunteer of the year in 1996 and a Hospice patient in 1997. Hospice program, and especially Hospice nurses, hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for making this donation possible.

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  2. Melanie,
    And you thought you were just making a quilt! Isn’t it amazing how something you create can touch other people and gather a story around itself in this way, wrapping itself in meaning as it wraps a person in comfort.

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    • I first thought offers would come with connections to star gazers and the like. Never did I imagine such a deeply personal story would emerge. It was very moving to be part of it.

      Thank you for your comment. You have probably seen this kind of thing with painting.

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  3. I’m so glad this came through as planned, what a beautiful gift of love and compassion. I know quilts are extremely valuable American legacies, and they should be in good hands, not in the commercial sense, but in the compassionate, educational and intergenerational cultural spirit of humanity, which has no price.

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    • It was more moving story than we imagined would show up. We are glad to be part of her efforts. I agree about the legacies of quilts. There are often beautiful stories associated with their making and giving.

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