Occultation | Aldebaran Again

Update: Andrew Symes of Ontario, Canada, photographed the occultation with his iPhone thru an 8″ telescope. Please visit Andrew’s flickr account and view his two images. They are excellent.


January 19, 2016, the Moon occulted the star Aldebaran for nearly all of North America. The time for your location can be had from this graphic. Click to embiggen. Many more details are available from the EarthSky website. It last happened in the daytime. I was able to watch and wrote about it here. If your skies are clear, check it out. Good luck.

Chart by Curt Renz, shared by Stephen Aman at EarthSky


6 thoughts on “Occultation | Aldebaran Again

  1. While astronomers today don’t associate occultations with anything occult, I imagine the very notion of occultation arose millennia ago when astrologers believed that heavenly bodies influence people’s behavior on earth.


    • I bought an adapter to connect my phone to my telescope. It adds a new dimension to taking pictures. Mine don’t turn out as good as the ones in Flickr. But, I like them any way.


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