Dial-a-Moon | 2016

What will the Moon look like on your birthday, or any date in 2016? Find out at NASA Dial-a-Moon. Enter any month, day, and universal time (UT) hour to see a high definition image. The composite images of Dial-a-Moon are made from those of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in low altitude orbit around the Moon since 2009.

You may leave the UT at the default 1 value. If you are a curious type, Universal time conversion can be done at this link. Enter UTC in the lower right box if it isn’t already set. You can switch from 12 hr to 24 hr at the bottom of the entry boxes. You may also enter any other local time in the upper left box. Go back to Dial-a-Moon to enter the UT.

The collection of accurate images of the Moon for each hour have been made into a movie lasting just over 5 minutes. I suggest you watch full screen and increase the speed by 2x. Speed can be changed using the gear icon ⚙ after the movie starts. Two versions of the movie are available for northern and southern hemisphere readers.

Explanations of the peculiar wobble and tipping motions can be found at this blog post.


Northern hemisphere


Southern hemisphere


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