Scanned Images | More Examples

Previously, I presented images of leaves using a flatbed scanner set to reflection and transmission modes for comparison. See those here. This post includes scans of a variety of common objects. My favorite is the back of the Lincoln penny with him sitting in the monument. Images are viewable in larger size. Each image square is barely more than 2.1 cm (0.83″) on a side.


Some of the following were suggested by readers of the previous post. Thanks to them for their good ideas. The left images of the first 7 sets used reflection of light off the surface of the objects. The right images of those sets used transmission of light through the objects. Some post-scan adjustments were made with image editing software to enhance detail.

10 thoughts on “Scanned Images | More Examples

  1. I’m puzzled by the sea urchin. Don’t you have to have the cover of the scanner down flat, in order to obtain the image? Perhaps your scanner’s different than mine. (In fact, I’m sure it is. I just scanned a banana. It’s actually pretty cool, but the image is far from what you’ve produced.)

    • I don’t know why your comment escaped me until now. Yes the lid was down. For transmission mode, the lid has a light source in it so it can scan slides.

      What happened to the banana scan?

      • Oh, the banana looked funny, for sure. It scanned, but it looked as though it was hovering in midair. It really was a little strange, but as the saying goes, you never try, you never know.

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