Cuba Visit | Part 3 National Pride

Thoughts and pictures about Cuban national pride.

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

2015_1022Cuba_19So much imagery we experience of Cuba stems from immigrants washing up on the shores of Florida on rafts or tiny boats. The Mariel boatlifts of 1980 and other stories of refugees can make us think everyone is trying to escape the small island. On the contrary, Cubans are incredibly proud of their country as it is, as well as its past and burgeoning future.

Their literacy rate and education system, and high-quality free healthcare, stem directly from the revolution of the 1950s. But we found some points of pride that cross a longer history. There is a sweet and odd fixation on Ernest Hemingway and the decades of his prominence there. Baseball, the national sport, holds fascination for most. Below we share a few pictures and thoughts on these areas of national pride.


Literacy and Education

After the Cuban revolution, one of the first actions of the new regime was…

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Visit | Part 3 National Pride

  1. Very interesting. Cubans love baseball … and a big link to Cincinnati as some say Adolfo Luque (of the Reds) was the first true Latin American star of the Major Leagues.


  2. My impression is that most people who emigrate would prefer to stay in their own countries with their own culture and language but feel compelled to leave because of persecution, war, or the inability to earn a decent living. My paternal grandparents came to the United States in the 1920s to get away from the terrible combination of anti-Semitism and Communist dictatorship.


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