Venus Jupiter Conjunction

We enjoyed a visit to Cuba between October 21 and 26. Posts about our trip are here. One special event was taking place during that time which I enjoyed each morning before dawn. The bright planets Venus and Jupiter were high in the eastern sky. Because of the orbital movements of Earth and those planets, their relative positions changed each day.

I went out onto the balcony of our hotel room and set the camera the same way each day to get a photo of them over the skyline of Havana. Here is the typical view around 6:20 am. Venus is the brighter of the two in the upper right. It is much closer in orbit to Earth at this date than is Jupiter. The tall buildings don’t really lean that way. It is due to the camera lens. Click for a slightly larger view.


I was able to get a photograph on four mornings in a row. Using photo editing software, I superimposed the four images together. For each image, I put bright Venus in the same location. That caused the position of Jupiter to be different as a result. Each morning, Jupiter was seen a little farther toward the top of the view as it aligned more closely with Venus.



Here is an enlargement of the planets for those viewing on a small phone screen. I had a lot of fun watching their progress. They were good greeters of each day in Cuba and helped start them off in a positive way.



They are still putting on a show about an hour before sunrise. On November 7 and December 7, the Moon will enter the scene for close pairings with Venus. Mark your calendar.


21 thoughts on “Venus Jupiter Conjunction

  1. I knew this was happening, but we’ve had so much cloud/rain/drizzle/mist that it’s been impossible to see anything. Now (she says, grumpily) there’s rain forecast for this coming weekend, too. Of course, they always can be wrong — and there’s always December!

    The photos are great. I do enjoy the things you’re able to do to show the progression of various events.

    • That is too bad about your bad weather. I’m happy to be able to present these events. Sometimes there are stretches where every good event syncs with the impossible weather.

      I will do a dance or something to see if I can work out some clear sky for this weekend.

  2. Fantastic images! We’ve had cloudy skies now for so long that I don’t remember what the night time skies look like. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    • Have a look at Venus on November 7 before sunrise. The thin waning moon will be near. On December 7, the moon will occult Venus for us in the U.S. It should happen at 11 am local time here in Iowa. I plan to photograph that in the daylight. Should be fun to try.

      • Thanks. by a strange coincidence I am 80% of way through writing a post on Venus 😉 which I hope to publish to my blog. Full time day job permitting 😉
        The Science Geek

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