Earth and Sky in Time Lapse

We live on a planet just the right distance from the Sun. Our survival depends on many critical factors being in delicate harmony. The shallow space we inhabit on Earth bathes all of humanity. Looking up on a clear night, we see through the thin layer of air to the vast expanse of the heavens. The wonders of the night sky can be inspirational.

Too often, we experience forces of evil and destruction. We wonder why. Why do some choose senseless and hurtful ways? These events can shake us to our core.

May you feel renewed and motivated by this video. It highlights some of the beauty of the natural world. Choose positive and good actions each day. Promote peace and understanding.

View in full screen mode for best effect. Time lapse by Terje Sorgjerd. 

13 thoughts on “Earth and Sky in Time Lapse

  1. Beautiful indeed. I was thinking, as I watched, of the great question science has yet to answer: is biological life unique to Earth? Surely it is not, not now that we know planets circle other stars in abundance and there are many billions of them. And yet, as you say, the balance of factors is critical. The right amount of water, the right temperature and distance from our star, the right mix of heavy and light elements, the right axial tilt, the right albedo, and the right magnetic field to shield us from radiation.

    Intelligent life is likely even more rare. After all, dinosaurs were the most developed life form for a hundred million years, more than 300 times the span of our species. If not for a timely impact with a mountain-sized asteroid, they would probably still rule.

    Even with all this, weather is chaotic, including ice ages and vulcanism. What would be the effect on human cultures, I wonder, if natural bacteria were found on Mars? Perhaps not much, except among the cognoscenti. Despite near consensus among scientists there are still many who think the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that man has little impact on climate.

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  2. What a wonderful bit of beauty. I’m especially fond of the night sky — the profusion of stars is amazing. The videographers name seems familiar. I’m just sure that I’ve seen one of his time-lapses of the aurora.

    I’m sending it on to one of my readers who lives in Turkey, and who is anguishing over recent events there. I hope it will be a bright spot for her, too.

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