Perseid Meteors | 2015

Sky conditions could be excellent this year for the Perseid meteors. The moon will not be bright. If your sky is clear the night of August 12 into the morning of August 13, you have the opportunity to see several meteors per hour. The peak will occur at 3 am on the 13th CDT.

That is quite early. You can see them the night before in smaller numbers. Watch for their radiant near Cassiopeia in the eastern sky well after dark.

I invite you to listen to this audio tour of the August sky events brought to you by Sky & Telescope.


4 thoughts on “Perseid Meteors | 2015

  1. East is good. East is over the Bay, and toward the wildlife refuges and etc. Given our forecast, it doesn’t seem like there’s a chance of a cloud, and who knows? It might have cooled all the way to 80E by 3 a.m.

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