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from Jim and Melanie

We are very pleased with the vote in Ireland for equality. It is meaningful in many ways. Those family and friends we love dearly have felt a breath of inspiration and fresh air as some closed gates open a little more, although still too slowly. We are hopeful that our children and grandchildren will look back and see this decade as a time important choices were made for good and inclusion.

Reporting from Ireland shows the strongest support for Yes was in the 68-74% range. Only one county in the country voted No and barely at 51%. Overall, the vote was about 2 to 1 for Yes. Voting required your presence in person. Nearly 60,000 people returned from other parts of the world to place a small mark onto a piece of paper saying Yes I am for equality.

The news cycles move quickly. Already, the coverage is…

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2 thoughts on “Ireland | We Are Proud Of You

  1. I am a believer in equality. I don’t have to like the lifestyle but I support equality. I have a couple of gay relatives in the family. One is obvious, a female, and the other, a male, has been kept discreet but is known among family members.

    • My youngest brother is gay. He has been ‘out’ for many years. We are a large family. Some of us are openly supportive of him. Others can’t bring themselves to express their support. It conflicts with their values and religion. That causes him great pain.

      Thank you for your comments and your support of equality. It means a lot.

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