Earth Day 2015 Plus Lyrid Meteors

If you are celebrating Earth Day April 22, consider staying up late to watch for the Lyrid Meteors that night. They are not typically a showy display. But, there have been a few occasions in the past where hundreds per hour were witnessed. This video from ScienceAtNASA tells about it.


9 thoughts on “Earth Day 2015 Plus Lyrid Meteors

    • We should have no clouds and just below freezing temps. The wind should be quieted down, too. Today is the 3rd in a row with gusts from the NW of high 30s and low 40s mph. I almost lost my hat yesterday. 😦


  1. Will give this a try around midnight tonoght. With all the rain we’ve had over the past weeks, a mosquito-outbreak is due any moment. So I am thinking more about bugs than hats. Welcome to Florida!

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