Dawn | Orbits Ceres March 6

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a video announcing the upcoming capture to orbit of the Dawn spacecraft around dwarf planet Ceres on March 6. Marc Rayman, Dawn Chief Engineer and Mission director, presented the information in a light-hearted connection to the word cereal. He and the mission team as well as tens of thousands of space enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the images and findings. Previous posts about Dawn can be found here and here. A special briefing was held on March 2nd which lasted about an hour.


9 thoughts on “Dawn | Orbits Ceres March 6

  1. Early yesterday morning (like 3 a.m.) I woke up with things to think about, and clicked on the radio. I could hardly believe it — the news report was on, and they were talking about Dawn and Ceres. I thought, “Jim’s going to be posting about this soon.” Then, I went back to sleep.

    That’s quite a nice video, too.

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    • I’m glad you thought of me and were able to get back to sleep. Some would think of that more like a nightmare. LOL 😯

      I am looking forward to some great discoveries from this visit to Ceres. Will keep you posted.


  2. 2015 is looking like the Year of the Dwarf Planet, and it’s all about to begin! Exploring Ceres with Dawn, and then visiting Pluto with New Horizons this summer. Definitely exciting!

    That’s a fantastic video from JPL, and I wouldn’t mind having a box of Cereos. 😀

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