Bald Eagles | Below Lock and Dam 14

Our View From Iowa

Iowa has an east coast and a west coast since it is bounded by two major rivers. This View From Iowa was about as far east as one can be in the state. We met friends Tom and Sharon in LeClaire along the Mississippi River. Melanie and Sharon did some shopping in a fabric store to stock up on their quilting needs. Jim and Tom visited while sitting in some fancy painted chairs in the front window of the store. We walked down the street for lunch.

After lunch, we drove a short distance along the river to a viewing area below Lock and Dam 14. Bald Eagles congregate there to snatch fish from the water, stunned by their passage over the gates of the dam. Several were soaring above us checking the waters.

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Many thanks to Tom for permission to use his photo above and…

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3 thoughts on “Bald Eagles | Below Lock and Dam 14

  1. It is impressive to witness the comeback of this nearly extinct species. How neatly the talons fold up in flight! I saw one a few weeks ago even down here in SW Missouri, in a tree across from our small lake. I was apprehensive for a few days thereafter out of concern for letting our Yorkshire Terrier roam our back yard. We have a low fence and three trees in our yard, but I’m unsure that would have prevented a swoop for a 6-pound dinner. Haven’t seen it since though.


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