Peace On Earth


Letters © Copyright 1965-2013, Kjell B. Sandved

Many years ago, I discovered the butterfly alphabet letters from their wings photographed by Kjell Sandved. Their fragile and delicate nature speaks an important message to us all especially during this time of year.

NASA Earth Observatory released this image December 24, 2014 showing the view toward the southeast. Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and the Euphrates River are central in the image. The International Space Station was directly over Turkey at the time. The image is part of a collection from the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Photographic details for this image are at this link.

NASA | September 7 2014 | Click to embiggen

The story accompanying this image says:

Many religions and cultures are celebrating festivals. The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah in 2014 stretched from December 16 to 24. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25 and the feast of Epiphany on January 5. And in early 2015, Muslims will celebrate Mawlid an-Nabi, the birth of Muhammad, on January 3 (Sunni) and January 8 (Shia).

Missing from this picture are the countless borders between countries, the millions of people celebrating festival and holidays, and millions suffering because of conflict and terrible things people do to each other.

More than ever, we need to strive for peace and fair resolution of conflict. We need to treat the Earth and each other with respect and care. The urgency is real. Isaac Asimov in A Memoir said it this way:

The Earth faces environmental problems right now that threaten the imminent destruction of civilization and the end of the planet as a livable world. Humanity cannot afford to waste its financial and emotional resources on endless, meaningless quarrels between each group and all others. There must be a sense of globalism in which the world unites to solve the real problems that face all groups alike.
Can that be done? The question is equivalent to: Can humanity survive?

I wish you peace and goodwill… Jim



20 thoughts on “Peace On Earth

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see some changes in attitude between many groups of people around the world in the the coming years? It could be inspiring.

      Let’s hope. Have a very merry Christmas.

  1. Wishing you and your family the same Jim. Peace on earth, respect and care, wonderful words. I hope they will spread with the wind throughout the world with lightning speed.

  2. Very poignant Jim, but nevertheless true. The butterfly alphabet is precious and many thanks for sharing it. Have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

  3. This is the one-hundredth anniversary of the so-called “Christmas Truce” of 1914. I didn’t know much about it, and found this article interesting. I’m not recommending it as the last word on every issue it raises, only as a piece that’s worth reading for the perspective it offers.

    Best wishes to you and Melanie for the holiday season. Here’s to a more peaceful 2015 — step by step is how it will be done, I think.

  4. Very nice post, Jim. Obviously, the concept of borders is mostly a human tribal creation. We all need more peace and fewer pieces.
    As Linda mentioned above, 100 years ago, warring soldiers were able to lay down their arms and celebrate Christmas. It’s a shame they picked them up again.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and Melanie…and to all my fellow visitors to your blog.

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