Pipeline Across Iowa? | Why I Oppose It

Iowa residents have an opportunity to speak out.

Our View From Iowa

An oil pipeline is proposed to bisect the entire state of Iowa from the northwest to the southeast corner. The route is superimposed over a map of our Iowa rivers. Public information meetings are scheduled. Iowa residents can express their opinions at those meetings. I plan to attend and voice my opposition to the proposal.

PipeLine_Rivers Click to embiggen

Some of the cities near the proposed route…


The proposed route would deliver crude oil to an existing pipeline at Pakota, Illinois. From there, it parallels and crosses the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers down to the gulf coast in Texas. The company also plans to ship crude by rail to the east coast.


Why Do I Oppose This Plan?

  • Fossil fuel use around the globe is driving increased Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. That in turn is raising our average global temperatures. Global warming is an issue we should be doing more to…

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17 thoughts on “Pipeline Across Iowa? | Why I Oppose It

  1. We hear so much about Keystone XL, but this one isn’t in the national spotlight. Here’s the rub … the oil is there, thus it’s going to move in some manner. Meanwhile, cheers to you for participating in the public forums!

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  2. Thank you for speaking out about this and spreading the news. It is way past time to end the madness. Good liuck.


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