Solar Eclipse | Images | Not Mine

I was hopeful the sky would clear enough to the west to let me see the eclipse. It was not to be. Better luck next time. Instead of sharing my own photos, I visited Slooh which had a telescope trained on the Sun from Prescott, AZ. Slooh covers many live astronomy events in partnership with observatories. They covered this entire event and have a recording available for you to replay. In addition, there is commentary about aspects of the eclipse that is helpful. Visit their website linked above for the replay. Scroll down their page for highlights such as these.

That big sunspot group just below center was the subject of a story by Astronomy Picture of the Day. Follow the link to see it up close and in great detail.

Image Credit & Copyright: Randall Shivak and Alan Friedman

11 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse | Images | Not Mine

  1. I got lucky! Yesterday was blustery here and squalls moved through during the day intermittently obscuring the sky. But between 3 and 4 the it was mixed clouds and blue, and for a few minutes the sun shone through. I got out my manila folder, made a pinhole and stood out in the yard with a pad of paper playing with angle and distance. A tiny image, but clear enough to show the crescent of sun not eclipsed. Being a reverse image I could tell that in actuality the sun was passing below the moon. It was pretty cool to see it happening in real time. It was also noticeably dim out, kind of a weird effect. Neato!


    • Good for you. I’ve always liked the pinhole method, or looking at light filtered through trees and other openings. It is a natural way to see the eclipse.

      It sounds like you had fun. I wish the clouds had parted here. Maybe next time.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. While we had clear, crisp, beautiful skies all morning, when I went out about 3pm I was saddened to notice a nearly complete blanket of clouds had moved in. The coulds did break up a bit to allow a very dramatic sunset, but not enough to really enjoy the eclipse.


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