Taos | Town and Our Casita Home

Our View From Iowa

by Melanie and Jim

Adobe and blue sky are two features of the Taos, New Mexico area. We walked around the central part of town, stopping in small shops, speaking with the owners about their work. Each tiny side street has surprises.

street It seems the sky is just the right color every day.

store Shadows cast by the morning sun were just right.

Our ‘home’ for the week is this one bedroom casita about a mile from downtown. The owners lived in it while their larger home was being built. Now it serves as a rental. It is clean, quiet, and rests at the base of the mountains just to the east.

casita Living room and kitchen at left. Bedroom at right.

Near sunset recently, we drove a short distance to the bridge over the Gorge of the Rio Grande. We hiked two miles along the west rim as the sun…

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6 thoughts on “Taos | Town and Our Casita Home

      • Oh, stars! Lovely! You’ve gotten me more interested in what goes on overhead (my ex teases me that anything higher than my line of sight doesn’t exist 🙂 )
        Last night there was a gorgeous moon, very low. Just a sliver, but you could kinda see the rest of it, glowing orange. And then I saw a huge owl alight on a tree. Perfect!

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