Volcano | Panoramic Vistas

“Great place to practice panorama shots” commented fellow blogger Mrs. P after viewing the post yesterday about Walking the Rim. “I will share a couple of those” I told her. They are linked to much larger views. Click to embig for a much more satisfying view.


Looking east from the rim. Oklahoma and Texas are somewhere in the distance. The 8500 ft volcano at the right is ancient and extinct. | Click to embig.


Looking west from the rim into the crater floor. It took five separate images to make this panorama. | Click to embig.

This brief video looks south and pans to the west from the rim. We later drove through the mountains to arrive  in Taos, NM.


8 thoughts on “Volcano | Panoramic Vistas

  1. They look great! I have always wanted to try stitching for panoramas. I have one project that I did in that mode but haven’t figured out what to do with it, yet. Saving it for a rainy day when I have time to study the manual. Now I cheat because my phone allows me to do it but the quality isn’t nearly as nice.


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