Ants | Following The Trail To Food

Our View From Iowa

The cool Iowa morning drew me outside to enjoy my cup of coffee. Two Blue Jays were busy calling to each other as they patrolled the backyards. The air was heavy with moisture. Soybeans and corn grew tall.

I reached for my cup and noticed some movement out the corner of my eye. It was an ant, only 1/4″ long, moving up a black metal rod. It’s antennae were feeling the way ahead of it. They were keeping it on some sort of invisible trail.

Heading toward food. Heading toward food.

It went up and over the arch and down the other side. It carefully negotiated the wire hanger and went down the side of the bottle of sugar water of the hummingbird feeder. Each ant followed the same path to within about 1/2″. The invisible trail guided them well. Returning ants rounded the top of the arch and got to the rail of the…

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4 thoughts on “Ants | Following The Trail To Food

  1. I watch out for abdomens and crops also, as weird as it may sound. I recently rescued a baby dove that fell from a nest. I had no idea what a “crop” was (and I studied human anatomy), apparently it’s a term used in zoology that applies only to animals. So every time I feed the dove I watch out to see (and feel) the crop, and make sure it’s full. The 4th image of the ant in the other blog shows the distension of the abdominal wall well.

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