Supermoon v.2.0 | Another One?

Maybe you were one of the fortunate ones last month to see the July Supermoon. My blog post explained quite a bit about it. There were news stories, images, and streaming webcams covering it. It was hyped as a big deal. For some of us, it was.

Well, here we go again. There is another even bigger Supermoon this month on August 10. It will be the biggest perigee full-moon of 2014.

Mark your calendar. Watch for it in an evening sky near you.

Science @ NASA

PS: There is yet another coming in September. You will have another chance if your skies are cloudy.


15 thoughts on “Supermoon v.2.0 | Another One?

  1. Climatologically, our chances are good. I’m looking forward to it. Will hang up my south window covering for a few nights since that brightness is enough to wake me up at night. It’s pretty bright already as a waxing gibbous moon in the west as we are gazing at the sky after dark these days. The Perseids will only be visible early in the evening this year, before the moon rises, a few days after the full, and that’s not a great time generally for meteors. However, we see meteors often throughout the year since we are outside for half an hour every night around 11. There never seem to be as many as are predicted at Perseid time, so I try not to be disappointed 😉 But all shooting stars are very cool!

    • One hope for you is that a big fireball meteor will streak across the sky while the bright full moon is over you. That would be great.

  2. If forecasters can be believed, we will also have fair skies this weekend. Last month’s was pretty fruitful, so I have hopes for the same this and next month.

    • I hope it turns out true. It should be ok here. I should check out that new app that gives moonrise angles and times. See if I can use it to get the first glimpse over a neighbor’s rooftop.

  3. Whether our skies allow viewing (I think they will), the effects already are visible. The tide is up, and up substantially. Our normal tidal range is very slight (0.80ft at the buoy nearest me) so big highs and lows are wind and moon dependent. There’s been a south wind, but not enough to drive the tide — it has to be all lunar. It’s easily up 2′. It will be interesting to see how high it gets on the 10th.

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