Tiny Flowers | Common Yellow Woodsorrel

Our View From Iowa

Big showy flowers are wonderful to see. There are many fine examples in the yards and gardens in most neighborhoods. Today, as I set out on a walk along our community trails, I brought my camera. I decided to search for some of the smallest flowers I could find. I tried to restrict my hunt to 1/4″ flowers. The macro setting on the camera allows me to get within 2″. I found several good subjects. Today, I am sharing one. More will follow in the days to come.

Let me introduce you to Oxalis stricta L. It is also known as common yellow woodsorrel. The flower in this image and the next looks very large. That is an illusion caused by the macro setting on the camera. It is quite small.

Common Yellow Woodsorrel

A Little Bit Closer

In order to get a better sense of scale, I supported the flower in my…

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Flowers | Common Yellow Woodsorrel

  1. Wood sorrel is one of my favorites as it blooms off and on through the summer in my garden. Sometimes it comes up with dark red foliage, which I really like, and sometimes the leaves are mid-way between the green and red. You’ve captured it so beautifully~

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