El Niño | Explanation of Global Effects

For those of you interested in keeping informed about climate issues, the agency NOAA offers Climate.gov. I suggest that you bookmark the site and visit it regularly. One of their offerings is called the ENSO Blog by Michelle L’Heureux, Emily Becker (NOAA CPC), and Anthony Barnston (IRI). It addresses specific concerns about El Niño. On May 19, 2014, the ENSO Blog published an excellent summary by Barnston of the potential global and regional effects which could cascade from a strong El Niño this year. I invite you to read it and explore the other posts in this new climate blog.

This graphic from the brief article shows the precipitation patterns likely to be affected over the globe. The explanation is not complex and is easy to understand. Click the image for a larger version.


One thought on “El Niño | Explanation of Global Effects

  1. Clearly, the coming el nino’ can’t come too soon. It should bring rain to the drought areas. Unfortunately, according to NOAA, the el nino is the exception condition and not the rule as statistics go.


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