Violets | Blue, White, and Yellow

Our View From Iowa

by Melanie and Jim

Violets were abundant along the path where we hiked in the wooded wetlands along a local river. We stopped, surrounded by hundreds of them. The only way to be close enough for a photo was to get down on hands and knees among them.

It is surprising how many different species of violet there are in the world. Wikipedia says there are as many as 600 in the viola genus of the family Violaceae.

We were blessed with these three fine examples. Each is 1″ across.


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14 thoughts on “Violets | Blue, White, and Yellow

  1. The violets are lovely. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a yellow violet.

    You’re better at taking close-ups of plants than I am. I tried to take a photo of my chive plants to illustrate yesterday’s post–and somehow the photos seemed to emphasize the leaves from last fall that were on the ground by the plants rather than the plants themselves.


  2. Even though I grew up in your part of the country, I don’t remember ever seeing a yellow or white violet. It’s possible I just didn’t notice.

    What your lovely photos did call to mind is Dorothy Parker’s little meditation on the sweet flower.

    Sweet Violets

    You are brief and frail and blue-
    Little sisters, I am, too.
    You are Heaven’s masterpieces-
    Little loves, the likeness ceases.


    • Yes there are. I am always glad to see them in the spring. There is one plant in my rhubarb that always blooms among the big leaves of the plant. It is a very sunny spot. The leaves give it just the right amount of protection.


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