Decorah Eaglets | D18-19-20 | All Hatched

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

It was a cold and brutal winter in northeast Iowa near Decorah where the Bald Eagle live-streaming nestcam is located. (Wait for the 30 s ad to go away.) The IA winter was the coldest in 35 yrs. Three eggs were laid in February. Hatching started in late March. There was concern whether the cold damaged one or more of the eggs. The third eaglet emerged the morning of April 7. Below is one of the three eaglets up close. Cute, isn’t it? Volunteers are on hand to manually operate the nestcam if something interesting happens.

A volunteer called dragonlainey has a YouTube channel with several good videos of eagle activity. Here is one of the latest. It shows feeding, arrival of fresh fish, and one of the eaglets in a stupor from a full gullet. The parents have raised several broods over the…

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