Blood Donation | So Others May Live

Please donate if you are able.

Our View From Iowa

“Hello. Is Jim there? This is Pat from the blood center.”

“Just a minute, Pat. I will get him for you.” said Melanie.

I told Pat I would check my calendar and call back to make an appointment.

About every 8 weeks like clockwork, the DeGowin blood donor center at the University of IA calls to make an appointment to donate platelets. The process is different from donation of a pint of whole blood. If you have never donated platelets, you might be interested in knowing what this procedure is like. If you have never donated blood at all, please consider doing it. I’m not going into great detail about the procedure. Just the basics. Why is blood donation important?

I arrived for my appointment and parked in the nearest ramp. Our blood center pays for the parking as a way to encourage donors to come in. The blood center…

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