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I have been unhappy with the interim step in WordPress Reader for opening a blog post. Click on something in the post in Reader. You get a pop-up window that may or may not show much. Then, click on View Original at the top to finally get to see it. It is particularly tricky on an iPad. I don’t have a smart phone. That must be hard.

A while ago I was clicking on other buttons in the Reader window list and tried the one circled in this image. Presto! It went directly to the original of the post.

Could be everyone else in the world knows about this and I am just now finding it out. Wouldn’t surprise me. ๐Ÿ™‚


25 thoughts on “Shortcut | WordPress Reader

  1. I sometimes try to read blogs on my iPhone via the reader. It’s challenging. Sometimes images will take forever to load, I figure this might be because the images are very big. Or, videos won’t play โ€” possibly the videos are too long. For a while, if I would receive a comment while writing or responding to a comment, the comment I would be writing would enter the void. The sound effect when that would happen would be the downbeat. It hasn’t happened recently, but I write comments on my phone in fear, but not quite as much as I fear my own death. On the fear-o-meter, it’s about a level 3 with death being an 11. I liked the way the reader worked last year before WP decided to fix something that wasn’t broken.

  2. If the post shows “# more words” in Reader, clicking on that will get you to the full post without the useless preview screen (at least, this works on my Android phone and tablet).

  3. Thanks for the shortcut. If it says nnn more words you can click on that also, but often it doesn’t have that even if there are more words. This will come in handy

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