Venus-Moon Conjunction | Poll

A few minutes after 6 am on February 26, 2014, the Moon and Venus were paired in conjunction through the mantle window. It was -5˚F outside, too cold to go out for a photograph. The window framing seemed to add some interest to the scene. What do you think? There is a poll below if you would rather not say in words.


ISO: 400 | Exposure: 1/2 sec | Aperture: 4.0 | Focal Length: 31.3mm


ISO: 400 | Exposure: 1/10 sec | Aperture: 4.0 | Focal Length: 31.3mm


ISO: 400 | Exposure: 1/10 sec | Aperture: 4.0 | Focal Length: 31.3mm


ISO: 200 | Exposure: 1/4 sec | Aperture: 2.8 | Focal Length: 31.3mm



15 thoughts on “Venus-Moon Conjunction | Poll

  1. Ha! What do I think? I think you should have went outside and took the picture! Just kidding : )

    Actually the window framing DOES add to the image. I like B the best, mostly because the ornament thingy hanging down seems the least distracting in that one.

    • At -5, I wasn’t tempted to spend much time outside. Thanks anyway for your encouragement.

      I had a hard time deciding which four to show. Melanie needed to help.

    • A couple of times I had to slightly move the tripod as Venus was hidden behind a small branch. Waiting would have worked, too. But, the light was just right. It wouldn’t last long.

      The first two are getting most of the votes.

  2. Kudos on being up a 6 to see it. Or maybe yr a morning person anyway 🙂 I miss the early morning events, including meteor peaks… just can’t get up so early. I’ve been watching Jupiter instead these days.

    Agree, even if you could have taken the photos outside, they are visually more interesting with context. Like full moon pics on the horizon, with trees or land features, are far more arresting than a lone white orb above. And the moon appears so much bigger, and with nice atmospheric colors too.

    I like the deeper blue background and separation between all the round features.

    • I’m more of a morning person. Six and after is getting toward a sleepin. I wish I could get to eight once in a while.

      Jupiter presents well these evenings. Yesterday, I went out at 5:53 to look for an ISS pass. The sky was still bright. But, there was Jupiter almost overhead quite easy to see in the pale blue twilight. Never did see ISS. Must have copied the wrong time.

      I liked D for how it sat directly below the orb. And B has the faint earthshine visible.

  3. It’s too bad that the weather was so cold and that you weren’t able to get outside to take photos–but the photos taken from indoors urned out very nicely.

  4. I just looked at a photo of the same event taken by a friend outside London. She was outside, though, and it’s all moon and plant in her pic. Conjunctions are one of my favorite events, at least partly because they’re always visible around here, even with the light pollution.

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