SDO | More Staring at the Sun

In July, I posted a story about the Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO called Staring at the Sun. The emphasis in that post was on the ten different wavelength views of the Sun by the spacecraft. Each gathers images in a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. I invite you to read that post for details of this prolific and important mission.

This week, the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center Scientific Visualization Studio published a video called Jewel Box Sun. It is a wonderful compliment to my earlier post. Please watch and enjoy.

Go full screen. Set quality to HD. Turn up the sound.

12 thoughts on “SDO | More Staring at the Sun

  1. It’s beautiful–and (this might sound odd), with the calming music it’s a very relaxing, stressing-reducing video.

  2. I can do the arithmetic and understand intellectually how big the sun is, but experientially I can’t conceive how something can burn so bright for billions of years.

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