Comet ISON | SDO | HD Views @Perihelion

Update 12:46 CST…Nothing is showing in the SDO images. Perhaps some processing will bring out details later. Disappointing. 😦

Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO will offer high resolution images of ISON during approach, perihelion, and departure phases beginning at about 12:45 PM EST. Follow this link to the viewing kiosks.


10 thoughts on “Comet ISON | SDO | HD Views @Perihelion

    • I know I know. Waiting is too much. You’d think at 600000+ mph time would pass more…..oh wait…Einstein talked about this. Oh no! I hope we aren’t all doomed to miss it.

      Same to you and yours. We are spending a quiet day watching comets pass by the Sun. Dinner tomorrow. 🙂


    • And here’s a truly funny observation about the event: “Forget Schrödinger’s cat. ISON may be Schrödinger’s Comet. It looks like the comet both failed to survive the sun and survived the sun.”


      • It really did make it. It was so hot and got almost completely dried of gases from ice etc. The heated rocks gave off some dusts. They are leaving a nice trail.

        Thank you for linking that for me. It was an exciting day for comet watchers.


      • Here is a quote I just read on Sky&Telescope blog…
        “It is now clear that Comet ISON either survived or did not survive, or… maybe both,” tweeted Bruce Betts of the Planetary Society. “Hope that clarifies things.”


      • This made me think about those criminal trials, not uncommon, where witnesses give mutually exclusive accounts of what happened, and the jury tries to figure out what really did happen.


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