Phrases Starting With Numbers | part 2

This is not a measure of your intelligence, fluency, or mathematical ability.

It might give you a sense of your mental flexibility.

Some will solve them all on their first try. Others need to think about them for a while.

Each phrase starts with a number. For example: ‘4 = S on a S’ could read ‘4 Sides on a Square’.

90 = D in a RA
200 = D for PG in M
8 = S on a SS
3 = BM (SHTR)
4 = Q in a G
24 = H in a D
1 = W on a U
5 = D in a ZC
57 = HV
11 = P on a FT
1000 = W that a P is W
29 = D in F in a LY
64 = S on a CB
40 = D and N of the GF
26 = M in the BM
365 = D in a Y
36 = I in a Y
5 = T on a F


4 thoughts on “Phrases Starting With Numbers | part 2

  1. I only got about 50% of these, will follow the comments to learn the complete list. And come on! 40 D and N of the GF – the Ns are implied! I mean, they’re inclusive! 😉

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