Out the Back Window | Walnut Husks

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

Our walking path passes under Black Walnut trees at several locations. Many of the green fruit have dropped and turned brown. Some fell on our path. Squirrels came to open them for the nut. They left behind piles of dark pieces. Rain showers leave streaks of dark stain on the concrete. Twenty two years ago, we lived at the top of a hill in our town. The street sloped steeply down for 3 blocks. We would gather some walnuts from the back yard with our son who was 2 or 3 and roll them down the hill.

The exceedingly dry July and August in eastern Iowa is causing some early color change to some leaves. These greens and yellows were attractive. It won’t be long before they will start to fall. The real ‘fall’ will come when we get a freezing night. The next morning, as…

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