Knife+Glue+Sponge+iPad=Problem Solved

I bought one of those new-fangled iPad things with the magical magnetic cover. During coffee time each morning, it’s good for email, news, etc. But, I discovered the folded magnetic cover doesn’t quite position the iPad at the best angle for me. The light over the table reflects in it. Holding it gets tiresome. The thing is heavier than I expected. I shopped around on the intertubes for a cover thingy to buy. Holy cow! Way too expensive.

Using OMB (Occupy My Brain), I thought about some possible solutions that didn’t cost me much money. What I settled on works great. Here is your weekend do-it-yourself project. Careful though, it involves a BIG knife and chemicals.

First, get yourself one of those BIG car washing sponges like this. Mine was 2.5″x5″x9″. Anything close to that is fine. The color is your choice and doesn’t matter as far as the performance of the end product is concerned.

Get a felt-tipped marker, some Gorilla Glue™, and a BIG serrated bread knife like this.

With the marker and a straight edge, draw a line across the top of the sponge along the mid-line.

Turn the sponge to one of the ends. Draw a line from about 1″ from the bottom up to the mid-line along the top. Repeat for the other end.

Now for the hard and dangerous part. Start at an angled line at one end of the sponge. Use a sawing motion with the knife. Go from one end to the other cutting along the midline you first drew. You will cut off a triangular shaped piece of the sponge.

Hold the piece back in place where it was before you cut it off. Rotate the front up and toward the back like this.

Open the Gorilla Glue™. Moisten the surfaces of the two pieces a little, and glue them together. Add a little weight for a few hours until it sets.

Voila! It works like a charm. Perfect angle. It doesn’t slip with the magnetic cover in place. And, best of all, the price is right. The $1.70 cost was well within my budget.

Everyone needs one of these. It was easy. It works for other tablet devices. It will hold a Nook or Kindle. It will even hold an actual book. You know what a book is, don’t you? Some guy named Gutenberg was involved in making them widely available.

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