When You Die…

Who would you talk to? Why?

Our View From Iowa

emptytableDuring our walks, Melanie in IA and I often enjoy some good discussions. A recent one got us thinking about some interesting possibilities. I told her I was thinking about who I would like to visit after I died. (No. I’m not ill, dying, or anything of the sort.) Besides loved ones, I immediately thought of a few people that I would love to ask some questions. Melanie did the same. We decided it would be interesting to share a few of those people we chose and the questions we would ask. We also want to hear from you.

We are not advocating for any after-life beliefs you may or may not hold. That isn’t the point. We are merely interested in knowing who you would talk to if you could. What would you ask them? The religious, or after-life questions, are for another post.

Jim’s Choices

Thomas Jefferson –…

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